Apple Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

Apple Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

Buying a gift is never an easy task. So going into this holiday season we wanted to give you a hand with some ideas for choosing gifts for Apple Fans in your life. Before we get on with the guide, let’s see who an Apple Fan is. I think we can agree that Apple users typically have good taste when it comes to tech (Duh!). Apple users are also known to pay a little extra for something of value. Finally, one interesting study shows that Apple users are the most enthusiastic tech adopters. So, not the easiest bunch to buy a gift for but that’s why we are here to help you. Let’s start small.

Apple Accessories

Since we are buying a gift for Apple users you can never go wrong with a nice accessory. Accessories like iPhone cases, iPhone and Apple Watch screen protectors and Apple Watch straps - individually or together can make a great gift.

1. Clear MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Protective Case (£19)

One of our favourite cases this year has to be the Clear MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Protective Case (it’s sort of a mouth full but…) for the iPhone 12 and the brand new iPhone 13. The clear protective case protects the iPhone from daily bumps and bruises without hiding the beautiful iPhone. Together with an iPhone Screen Protector you can gift someone the 360-degree protection they so need for their new iPhone (trust us!).

2. Leather MagSafe Wallet (£29)

Now if you are buying something for your father or brother with an iPhone 12 or newer then a great gift is a Leather MagSafe Wallet. You can find MagSafe Wallets for the iPhone directly on the Apple website or if you are working with a budget (or smart 😜) you could purchase an equally high-quality MagSafe Wallet through a third party. The MagSafe Wallet is a great gift for anyone who doesn’t like to carry around a huge wallet and only has a few cards in hand. 

3. A Leather or Stainless Steel Apple Watch Strap (£49 - £59)

A Leather or a Stainless Steel Apple Watch Strap is another great gift that you can buy this holiday season. One of our most popular leather straps is the Leather Link Strap. The Leather Link Strap for the Apple Watch is stylish and comfortable to wear. Comes in a rainbow of colours and taking advantage of holiday sales you could gift someone a couple of colours. 

Our favourite Stainless Streel Apple Watch strap has to be the Stainless Steel Link Strap. This strap is perfect to show off the Apple Watch in all its glory. 

While you are at it also check out other straps like Silicone and Nylon that’s available for the Apple Watch. A great gift would be to bundle a few straps together 😁.

Apple Tech

Now if you’ve got a bit more budget to spend on your gifts this year, Apple also has a great selection of tech gifts for this holiday season. Now listing out all the new Apple Tech would be easy. So we are just gonna look at the few that we think would make the best gifts (at a reasonable price).

1. AirTags (£29)

The Apple AirTag is a great gift that you can give someone this holiday season. With the option to have an engraving on the AirTag you can truly make it a beautiful and personalised gift for your loved one (More so for that one person who usually loses stuff). You could also combine it with a lovely Leather protective Keyring Case. 

2. HomePod mini (£99)

Now that the new HomePod mini has been released just in time for this holiday season - we consider it a great gift. It’s a relatively affordable gift actually anyone who enjoys music. With its improved audio quality and miniature size, anyone would absolutely love it.  

3. AirPods (£169)

The new AirPods (3rd gen) is also a very attractive gift this year. With its improved battery life, new design and wireless charging case the new AirPods could make someone very happy this holiday season. Now you can also get the charging case personalised with an engraving. 

Other Tech

Wireless charger - This is a great gift for an Apple user. It will help them get rid of that unwanted cable clutter on their desk or nightstand and truly enjoy the Apple devices. We love and recommend the 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charger that can charge the iPhone, Apple Watch and the AirPods all at the same time. There are a few options on the Apple Website for this, however, if you are working with a budget then check out some other options here. 

So that’s it, folks. Hope this guide helps you to choose the best gift for your loved ones and if you have other ideas do feel free to leave them below in our comments. Wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

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