Silicone Straps vs leather Straps? Which is better?

leather vs silicone apple watch straps which is better

When it comes to Apple watch straps, both silicon and leather straps are popular options on the market. Although they differ in price, they both have a soft-touch feel which many people prefer in their everyday wearables. However, there is no denying that they have some fundamental differences that set them apart.

In this post, we will compare the watch straps and share our personal experiences to help you choose the right one. So without further adieu, let's start our comparison between silicone and leather Apple watch straps.

Silicone Straps vs leather Straps: Look and feel

Leather Straps

There is something unique about leather straps that make them feel much more premium than any other watch strap on the market. Although the warm, pleasant smell of leather is probably not noticeable on your wrist. But, there is no doubt that leather feels really good on the hand. It stretches and moulds to your body almost effortlessly, and to a watch enthusiast, the leather strap screams elegance at every turn.

In our testing, leather straps look good and feel better on the hand as your wear them more often. It also has a natural style and a uniqueness that looks good both with formal attire and with casual wear.

However, do note that leather straps are usually not waterproof, so excessive sweating during long exercising sessions may cause issues in the strap. Swimming or wearing the strap during a shower is out of the equation.

Silicone Straps

The main essence of silicon straps is the huge variety they provide. From different coloured options to several different ways to wear them, you sure won't be bored with silicone straps. Silicon too feels great in hand and in day-to-day use; most people won't even notice the difference between a high-quality silicon strap and a leather one.

However, silicon straps are more susceptible to wear and tear; over time, we doubt how the strap will hold up. We are also not a fan of the extra heat the silicon straps collect, which makes working out with them a bit inconvenient.

Overall, we love the look and feel of the leather and silicon strap, and if look and feel are the deciding factors, you won't go wrong in any of them.

Silicone Straps vs leather Straps: Price

Leather straps

Natural leather is not commonly found and therefore is considered an exotic material and is quite expensive. Prices of leather straps vary from a few hundred to even thousands of dollars. You can choose cheap artificial leather, but they counteract the whole purpose of using a premium material in the first place. So, if you are on a budget, leather straps may not be the best option for you.

Silicone straps

Silicon is an artificial material that can be mass-produced, making the prices significantly lower compared to leather straps. The price ranges between £30 to £200. However, you can often find discounts on many third-party websites, which will bring the cost down to just £20, which at this price is a bargain. Silicone straps would be a perfect fit for price-sensitive customers who want the best value for money.

Silicone Straps vs. leather Straps: Colour options

Leather straps

Leather usually comes in 2 colours – brown and black. Although it is possible to dye leather red or blue, these colours are less common. This means that a leather band has limited style combinations. Here are some leather strap options you may like. 

Silicone straps

Silicone straps, on the other hand, can be moulded into any colour of your desire, and you can make unlimited style with them. Silicon straps also have a natural shine that helps them stand out.

Silicone Straps vs leather Straps: other factors

For sustainability-conscious-minded individuals, leather comes from the hide of some animals, which in many cultures is unethical. Although alligators and cowhides are common, the leather may also come from other sources, which can be more expensive. Today, wearing leather may have a negative connotation when worn around people sensitive to the plight of animals. Leather production also leaves a major impact on the environment, which many people are concerned about.

Silicon is syntactically mass-produced in factories with chemicals and do not involve using any animal product. However, the byproduct of silicon is also not entirely good for the environment, but several manufacturers are slowly recognizing the impact on the environment and finding new sustainable ways to mass produce silicon straps.

Who should buy Apple watch leather straps?

The Apple watch leather straps would be perfect for someone who wants beautiful-looking watch straps that is comfortable to wear and do not mind spending a bit more. But do note that leather straps are not waterproof and are susceptible to damage and discolouring when in contact with water.

Who should buy Apple watch silicone straps?

If you want a wide variety of colour options and a watch strap for daily use during long exercise or swimming sessions, the Apple watch silicone straps would be perfect for you. They are also inexpensive and go with almost all attire. You can pick your favourite one from the link.

Final words

When comparing silicone straps vs leather straps, there is no clear winner. They are both great-looking straps that feel great in hand. However, leather is the more expensive material and has an aesthetic feel that is not available in silicone straps. But silicone is more adaptable and can be used in a wide range of situations.

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