Why do you need to buy the Apple Watch Ultra?

apple watch ultra should you buy it

Apple made a big splash with the release of the Apple Watch Ultra, which now has an entirely new design and an extensive feature list to match. But the Apple Watch Ultra does come with a higher price tag of £849, which is quite a bit more than the regular Apple Watch Series 8, which starts at just £419. So does the Apple Watch Ultra really make sense? Here is a quick look at why you may consider the higher-end Apple Watch Ultra.

1. A New Rugged Design

The Apple Watch Ultra comes in a uniquely rugged design, never seen in any Apple watch before. The case itself is made from titanium which is durable and resistant to corrosion. And there is also an extra layer that surrounds the edges, which is made from sapphire crystal which is a big step up from the Ion-X Glass from earlier generations. Apple Watch Ultra can now withstand hard drops and is more likely to survive the tough lifestyle most of us go through without being scratched. In fact, in a recent durability test by TechRax, the Apple watch ultra survived the pounding from a sledgehammer, while the table underneath was damaged.   

2. A Larger Display

The 49mm screen on the new Apple Watch Ultra is a big improvement over the 41 and 45mm screen options found on previous Apple Watches. The screen also gets plenty bright at 2,000 nits of brightness which is double the brightness of the Apple Watch Series 8. The screen also gets significantly dim, which is less distracting than previous Apple watches. 

3. Twice the Battery Life of Any Other Apple Watch

Compared with the other manufacturers, the Apple Watch has always lagged behind in terms of battery life. Most users previously struggled to get a two-day battery life if you keep the auto heart rate and workout detection on. However, the Apple Watch Ultra changes that and bundles a significantly better battery life which should easily last three days on a single charge. The Apple Watch Ultra will also get a new power-saving mode which would turn off power-intensive features and, in theory, increase your battery life to over a week, but we have to test that before confirming. So if you constantly find yourself away from a power source, the Apple Watch Ultra is for you. 

4. A New Customisable Action Button

On the left side of the new Apple Watch Ultra is a customisable action button that can be used to control different functions, like starting a workout. You can also use the button as an emergency siren. Press and hold the button to activate the 86-decibel siren that can be heard from 600 feet away. 

5. Exclusive Outdoor-Oriented Features

The rugged design, larger display, and better battery life make the Apple Watch Ultra a great companion for outdoor travel. Apple, recognising this, added an array of exclusive outdoor-oriented features you will only find in the Apple Watch Ultra. We are talking about a dedicated Depth app that automatically starts when you are underwater. Another exclusive feature is the Oceanic+ app that virtually turns your watch into a dive computer. We can see information like dive metrics, ascend rate, and safety stop guidance. The compass app is also redesigned in Apple watchOS 9. The Apple Watch Ultra takes full advantage of the compass waypoints and a backtrack feature that helps you find your way back, especially when you are in the woods and navigation, in general, is difficult.  

6. New Apple Watch Bands

No new Apple Watch is complete without a new watch band, and the Apple Watch Ultra is no exception. You can select from one of three new options—Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Band. The thin Trail Loop is made with soft nylon and features a tab for quick and easy adjustment. The Alpine Loop is woven from two layers of material without any stitching. A titanium G-hook fastener provides a secure attachment. And the Ocean Band is made for the water. It stretches and uses a tube-like design for the best fit. However, do not worry, as all of your existing bands that fit the 42mm/44mm/45mm Apple Watch will fit the Apple Watch Ultra as well. You can buy directly from Apple or from third-party sellers who offer better pricing. Check out Ospekastraps to learn more. 

7. Apple Watch Series 8 Features 

The Apple Watch Ultra also has all the new sensors that you get in the regular Apple Watch Series 8. This includes a temperature sensor that gives better insight into a woman’s health. Crash Detection uses new motion sensors to determine a severe car crash and automatically dial emergency services if the wearer is unresponsive. It will also provide your exact location to first responders and all of your emergency contacts.

Should You Consider the Apple Watch Ultra?

The Apple Watch Ultra is obviously an overkill and isn’t for everyone. It is specifically catered toward people who take fitness and outdoor activity seriously and need better battery life. So whether you should get the new Apple Watch Ultra will primarily depend on your specific need, but without a doubt, the Apple Watch Ultra is the biggest leap forward and is an excellent upgrade for the people who need it. 

Will you be upgrading to the new Apple Watch Ultra? Let us know in the comments below. 


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